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Dear All,
This is to clarify that recently, it has been published in various newspapers and print media that GNIDA has made a complaint against us before the SSP, Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar, for registration of FIR for playing cheating and fraud with the customers. In the said news report, which is false and bogus, various false allegations are made against us which is not even verified from the GNIDA. GNIDA has not even given us a chance to give our clarifications on the same. Neither any notice was sent to us nor any clarifications were sought and it is totally one sided action illegal action by GNIDA.

In this regard, it is our duty to clarify all the illusion created by some nuisance people in the market and to say that NO CHEATING OR FRAUD IS COMMITTED BY US and all actions are taken under the provisions of law. As the land i.e. Plot No. 201, KP-V, Greater Noida West, U.P admeasuring 60705 sq. mt. was allotted in the year 2008 to “M/s. Solitaire Infomedia Private Limited” which is owned and controlled by Mr. Tarun Shienh being a Director and major shareholder in the same. It is also a Subsidiary Company of “M/s. Premia Projects Limited” which is owned and controlled by Mr. Tarun Shienh being a major shareholder and managing director. The lease deed of the land is also executed in favour of M/s. Solitaire Infomedia Private Limited by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority wherein Mr. Tarun Shienh have stood as a signatory.

All the correspondences and communications were exchanged with the GNIDA by Mr. Tarun Shienh in his name. Further, there is an agreement between both the companies for the development, marketing and selling of the spaces on the land in question. The said fact is also in the knowledge of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority. We have duly intimated the fact to the GNIDA who has acknowledged the fact that M/s. Solitaire Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of M/s. Premia Projects Limited being a major shareholder. As such, both are the joint entities being managed and controlled by Tarun Shienh as a major shareholder. After having all the authority and power to develop the project, we have already obtained the sanction plans of the project from the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority. In the meantime, we have also obtained various other approvals i.e. NOC of Height Clearance and NOC from Fire department.

The same clearly establishes that we have all the permissions and approvals to develop the project and no cheating or fraud has been played by us. As on date, the construction at the site is going on and there is no intention to cheat or dupe the money of any customer/ investor. Infact, till date, the GNIDA has failed to handover the complete possession of the land as per the Allotment Letter due to encroachment on the same. We have several times vide our letter dated 19/03/2012, 20/06/2014, 20/10/2014, 31/10/2014, 09/12/2014, 31/12/2015, 10/08/2016, 11/04/2017, 22/04/2017, 03/06/2017, reminded the GNIDA in this regard, but, no action has been taken.

GNIDA is duly aware of the fact that till date the possession of the whole land is not handed over to us due to encroachment but instead of resolving the same, GNIDA is finding out the ways to get out from the same by creating unnecessary grounds and allegation on us and also taking action for registration of FIR against us. We are also apprehending that GNIDA might try to terminate our lease deed without considering the true and correct facts, which will not only affect the business, but also jeopardize the whole project and the investment made by the customers.

Construction in Full Swing - India's 1st Corporate City
Construction in Full Swing - Premia Corporate City, KP 5, GNW
Construction in Full Swing - Premia Corporate City, KP 5, GNW

Construction Updates - India's 1st Corporate City - Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida, West
M/s Premia Structures Limited having its office at A-5,6,7, Sector-9, Noida, U.P has all the right and title to develop a project (Crown of Noida) on the land bearing no. C-20, 1-A/10, Block-C, Sector-62, Noida, as it had entered into a Collaboration Agreement dated 01.03.2013 with M/s BMS IT Institute Private Limited, who is the owner of the said land in the records of Noida Authority. However, after execution of the Collaboration Agreement, some dispute arisen between M/s BMS IT Institute Private Limited and its share holder and a petition was filed in the Hon’ble High court to Delhi. The said fact had also brought to the knowledge of the general public vide public notice dated 30.09.2014 in “The Statesman” newspaper. Even, we have clearly mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding with the customer about the fact that the land is owned by M/s BMS IT Institute Private Limited and there is a Collaboration Agreement and on the basis of the same the booking in the project is being made. The fact about the Collaboration Agreement is in the knowledge of all customers. We had already given our explanation to the NOIDA Authority videour letter dated 03.11.2015 explaining all the facts and circumstances with regard to the project. However, no reply has been received till date. The present case is made out against us without considering the true and correct facts and giving opportunity to use to present our case before authority.
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